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First Consultation


Superficial (recommended sessions: 5-6)


Shine up peel with Vitamin C


Moisturising peel with lactic acid


Medium (recommended sessions: 5)


Ferulac peel


Spa peel lightening


Peel for rosacea or acne


Melaspeel for hyperpigmentations


Deep (recommended sessions: 3-4)


Fenol peel for acne scars, opened pores, sun damaged skin


Target peel for hyperpigmentations on dark skin


Body peels

price of face

It's possible to have all these peels done on body areas. Please check the prices of peels for the face.

Face mask extra



price x 0,5


price x 2,5


price x 2


price x 4


price x 1

Peel for striae

€80 /zona/session



Shine up pack pay 4 treatments, the 5th is free (Original price: €400 /5 sessions)


Moisturising pack pay 4 treatments, the 5th is free (Original price: €400 /5 sessions)


Pack Ferulac peel (Original price: €600 /5 sessions)


Pack Spa peel lightening (Original price: €480 /4 sessions)


Pack medium peel acne, melasma, dilated capillaries, sun damage, acne scars (Original price: €600 /4 sessions)




Gift card

Now you can give treatments for your friend or family members for any occasion with this gift card!
Any amount available. Please contact me for details.

gift card